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Filming in Rain and Sun

Rain and Snow

Light rain does not cause problems for the veo camera due to it being water-resistant. However that does not mean it’s waterproof, so during heavier rain we recommend bringing a dry cloth to wipe down the lenses at half time or using a cam glove like shown in the photo. You can keep the rain cover on the camera while in its travel case, making it easier to carry around.

As readers of our website, we want to help you get a discount on the Cam Glove. Just email me,, let me know if you need a rain cover for the Veo 1 or Veo 2, and I’ll send you the discount info for the Cam Glove.

You can also use a usb-c port cover to protect the inside of the camera.

If you have access to a covered press box with power, that could make a significant difference. While this is not as common in club soccer, high school teams may have the advantage of such facilities.


Veo has installed a cooling mechanism that effectively maintains the Veo Cam at an optimal temperature, enabling continuous recording even in temperatures up to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. For glare prevention, positioning the camera behind the sun proves to be an effective solution.