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Tripod Options and Tips

When considering tripod options and tips, the most important thing, regardless of the tripod you choose, is to ensure its stability. Whether you’re using a Manfrotto tripod, an Impact tripod, or any other option, it’s needs to be tied down, staked securely, or have proper weighting. Prioritizing safety over everything else is a must. Moreover, don’t hesitate to keep your tripod lowered rather than extending it to its full height if you have concerns about stability.

In the video 10 Veo Camera Tripod Tips we cover:

  • Tripod Transport Sizes
  • Carrying Tripods to the Field
  • Tripod Carrying Cases
  • Attaching Quick Release Plate
  • Quick Release Plate Adaptors
  • Quick Release Plate Replacements
  • Tip for Noise Reduction

12 Ft Tripod VS 23 Ft Tripod

The Veo Camera has an option to buy a 12 ft tripod or a 23 ft tripod, both made by Manfrotto. This video shows the pros and cons to tell which one is best for you.

Sideline Access Denied

Need to record soccer games for your kid but can’t setup your tripod on the sideline? Here are 6 tips for recording soccer games when the rules restrict you from filming on the sideline.

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