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Renting a Camera

Dealing with camera repairs might sound like a hassle, but the return process is actually quite straightforward. The biggest inconvenience is having to do without your camera while it’s being fixed. We’ve been there, and that’s why we collaborate with many teams who need to rent a camera while theirs is getting patched up. If you find yourself in this situation, head over to and drop in your details. We’re here to assist. And if you’re in a rush, just give us a call at 816-398-8846.

Repairing Your Camera

Here is a step by step video to repair your camera-

There is step by step directions in the description on YouTube.

Here’s the key to speeding up your camera repair: spill the beans upfront when you make the help request. The quicker the tech team can identify what’s up with your camera, the faster they can send you the shipping label, and the sooner your camera can start its journey back.

When they email you those shipping forms, print out two copies of each, fill them out, and put your signature on them. Last time we did this, we had:

  • A Shipping Label
  • A Waybill
  • A Customs Invoice

Pop your camera into the return box, but hold off on the tape. You’re also going to schedule a pickup window with DHL. When the driver shows up, they’ll inspect your paperwork to ensure it’s all in order and then take the box. They’ll want to peek inside to verify what’s there, which is why you’re leaving it unsealed.

Once Veo receive your camera and give it a once-over, they’ll reach out and guide you through the next steps. If it’s clear that something you did to the camera caused the issue (like a toppled tripod), they might offer you a replacement camera for a fee. On the flip side, if the problem lies in the camera’s technology, which is usually the case, they’ll handle the repair and ship it back to you.

Getting your camera back in action is the end goal, and we’re here to help you navigate the process.

Return Policy

Veo does have a return policy for new teams that buy a camera and change their mind. So if you purchase a camera and decide it’s not working out within the return window the return process is the same as the repair. They send you the labels, you schedule a pickup, and DHL takes the camera back to Veo.

If you’re outside of the return window you can always sell your Veo to another team who’s looking for a camera.