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Preventing Theft and Loss

Veo Camera Travel Case

Traveling With a Travel Case

If you’re planning to fly with your Veo camera, it’s advisable to use a dedicated travel case. You can opt for the one sold by Veo or find a suitable alternative on Amazon. The great thing about a travel case is that it keeps your camera, charging cable, quick release plate, and ethernet cable all in one place, safe and secure.

When using the Veo travel case, consider carrying it on the plane instead of checking it. It will count as one of your carry-ons, but keeping it with you ensures it doesn’t get misplaced. Store it in the overhead compartment right above your seat or below the seat in front of you. Avoid leaving it at the front of the plane if you’re seated towards the back.

Another option is to slide your camera into a laptop bag, especially when you have multiple cameras for tournaments. Just make sure the bag provides good padding to protect your gear in case of accidental drops.

Using AirTags as soccer camera trackers

To help keep track of your camera in case it gets misplaced or taken, we recommend placing an AirTag in each camera case. This transforms it into a soccer camera tracker. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially during busy soccer days when you’re rushing between fields or complexes. Losing your camera would be a hassle, but with a Veo camera tracker, you’ll have peace of mind.

Veo camera tracker- AirTag

Tracking a Lost Camera

As evident from the “Find My” screenshot taken at the airport terminal, another practice I follow involves placing an AirTag inside every camera case. This ensures that in scenarios where you might accidentally leave your camera behind – whether it’s at a security checkpoint during a hectic team or family movement, in an Uber, on an airport shuttle, at a hotel lobby, or even at the soccer complex – you have a means to locate it.

More than Just an AirTag

You may wonder if it’s just an AirTag. Yes, it is, but once you slide it into your camera case, it becomes an effective soccer camera tracker. Spending $20 on this accessory might be one of the best investments you make this year, whether you have a Veo, Pixellot, Trace, or even just a DSLR camera. Consider adding one to your camera case this week.

To ensure the tracker remains hidden and secure, try sliding it into a non-obvious part of the case. Find a spot between the foam mold and the outside of the case where it won’t move around and won’t be visible when you open the camera case. This way, even if someone tries to snatch your camera, they won’t notice the tracker and discard it.

Black Friday Sales

Keep in mind that the soccer camera tracker is often on sale during Black Friday. You can find them here- If you’re interested, you can save even more by purchasing a 4-pack of AirTags, which is currently discounted by $20. You can find them here-

Include Your Contact Information

As a minimum precaution, make sure to include your phone number and email address on both the camera and the case. This way, if you do get separated from your camera, it will be easier for someone to contact you and return it.