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How to Secure Your Camera in Windy Conditions

A crucial step to setting up your camera is protecting it from the wind. Let’s explore how you can secure your camera/tripod and utilize the Veo wind kit effectively. Here’s a video that shows:

  • How to Ensure the Stability of the Veo Camera Tripod
  • Making Use of the Veo Camera Windkit
  • Useful Tips for Windy Conditions

Sandbags or Stakes?

The Role of Sandbags in Recording

One of the most expensive mistakes teams make while recording games is neglecting to use sandbags on their tripods. We’ve witnessed and heard countless stories of cameras toppling over in strong winds. To address this, we invested in several sets of sandbags for our cameras. After two years of use, a few of the zippers started giving way, but overall, they have worked quite well considering their affordable price.

It’s absolutely essential to use a sandbag on your tripod. You’ve invested a lot in your camera, so don’t let it be blown over by the wind. We often rent cameras to teams who didn’t use a sandbag, only to have their tripods knocked down by a gust of wind, leaving them scrambling for an alternative recording solution. We apologize for sounding repetitive, but please remember to use a sandbag!

Tripod Stability on Grass Fields

If you’re playing on grass fields, another helpful measure is to secure the camera by inserting stakes through the holes in the feet of the Manfrotto tripods. Because the fields we play on are primarily turf, you cannot rely on using stakes. Do not try using them in turf.

Using stakes can be a lighter alternative to sandbags, but it’s crucial to ensure you have heavy-duty stakes that can withstand powerful gusts. If you choose this method, make sure to bring suitable stakes that will keep your camera firmly anchored during unexpected wind gusts.

How to Get and Utilize Sandbags